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Instructions for Listing of Products & Services While Filling the Registration Form:

(a) The Portal has 23 Main Categories, and over 550 Sub-Categories presently. Each Sub-Category is a ‘vertical’ by itself. All major sub-systems related to a particular Sub-Category should be listed under that particular Sub-Category. For example, a Company manufacturing engines for helicopters should list itself in ‘Main Category-Aerospace’, and ‘Sub-Category: Sub-Systems for Helicopters’. Similarly, a Company manufacturing hydraulic systems for Dozers should enlist itself in ‘Main Category-Earth & Engg Eqpt’, ‘Sub-Category – Dozers’. This would ensure that all ‘verticals’ of a Sub-Category are listed under the respective Sub-Category. ‘Sub-Category- Components and Spares’ should be used for those sub-systems/items only that do not specifically fall under a particular Sub-Category.

(b) Also, Products and Services offered by a Company should be listed in the first 40 words of the ‘Brief Profile of the Company’ in the Registration Form to make the Search more user-friendly.


1. Why was my Member ID not accepted during the Registration process?

  There could be few possible reasons as under:

  • The Member ID being filled by you is not available since it is being used by someone else.

  • The ID you chose does not contain characters/figures/spaces specified in our instructions.

2. Why is my Password not being accepted during the Registration process?

  • Same reasons as above.

3. Why can't I Sign-in?

  •  Please check your Approval/Validity, ID and Password.

4. What can I do if I forget my Password?

  • If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link. You would be asked to answer your ‘secret question’ that you had specified during the Registration. Once you answer it correctly, your password would be shown to you.

5.  How to modify my Profile and Member Information?

  • To modify Your Profile, please go to "My Account" in 'Member Zone', and make the desired changes.

6. Can I change my Member ID?

  • No, Member ID cannot be changed.

7. How do I proceed as a Buyer ?

  • Register your Company on the Portal.

  • Post Your Request as a Buyer in the Member Zone. Your request would be sent to all the Seller(s) of the product(s) registered on the Portal, or to Single/Limited Seller(s) as requested by You. They would respond to Your request as appropriate. Records of the transactions would be extracted automatically in the Member Zone under relevant heads.

  • Should You need to use our service for the purchases, You should click 'Webmaster' while posting the request at the end of the Form. All actions for purchase are then initiated by the Webmaster. We would charge Brokerage Fee for this service.

  • The marketplace also allows you to locate potential trading partners in the 'Exhibition Gallery' and 'What's New'.

8. How do I source  products and services?

  • Firstly, you could post Your Request as a Buyer. Supplier(s) would respond to You as explained above.
  • Secondly, you could use General Search option. Search by Buyer(s)/Supplier(s)/ Agent(s), Main Category, and  Sub-Category  is also available on the Portal to locate the products and services.  Once You know the Suppliers/Agents, You get in touch with them and proceed further.

 9. How to check the credibility of the Supplier before placing the Order?

  • We have registered the companies on the Portal with due scrutiny and caution. However, we take no responsibility with regard to their performance. We suggest that You better ascertain credentials of the Sellers yourself before placing the Order, and have requisite safety built-in the contracts.

 10. How does the e-Marketplace help the Sellers?

  • Firstly, Your Company should be Registered on the Portal.

  • Secondly, You should post your Request as a Seller in the Member Zone. This request automatically goes to all the Buyer(s) of the products registered on the Portal. You could then interact with them from the Member Zone.

  • Thirdly, You could exhibit your products and services in the Exhibition Gallery , and What's New with photographs, tech specs, pricing, spec offers etc to be immediately noticed by the Buyers.

  • Fourthly, You could give suitable advertisement for showing-up on Home Page, Member’s Zone, Sub-Category or Other Pages. This would help in promoting your products/Co.

  • Fifthly, Post Request as a Seller frequently.

  • Sixthly, You may have some ‘innovative’ idea to promote your product on the Portal, please let us know. We would try and implement it.

11. How do we post a Request?

  • Sign-in with your ID and Password.
  • Go to Member Zone.
  • Post your request as a Buyer or Seller. 

12. Let us know your Bank details.

  • Name of the Co.                  Svipja Techno Consultants Pvt Ltd 

  • Account No.                        Account Number CA/01/000360


  • Bank:                                  Corporation Bank
                                               B 1, Sector 26
                                               Noida 201 301, India

 13. How do we do Wire Transfer/TT?

  • Account Number CA/01/000360 with Corporation Bank, Noida Main Branch (Bank Code 453), India, In the Name of Svipja Techno Consultants Pvt Ltd, Noida-201 303, for the purpose of Fee for Services on the Portal. ( SWIFT CODE:  CORPINBB 501).

14. Whom to contact for payment issues?

15. Whom should I contact for queries ?




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