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This Portal is both an Application, and Infrastructure to provide B2B-B2C-B2G interaction, and e-marketplace for its Members.

It is a paid Portal. Entry to the Portal is through ID and Password.

It is a 'third-party-hosted-neutral' Portal. All businesses on the Portal would be considered equal.

Buyers, Sellers and Agents would submit requests for Registration on the Portal by filling up the Registration Form. Onus to fill correct information lies with the ‘filler’ of the Form. All legal action originating from wrong/incorrect submissions on the Portal are the liability of the ‘filler’, later called 'Member(s)’ on acceptance of their requests.

All requests will be scrutinised. If approved, Member will be listed on the Portal. Only those Members would appear on the Portal who have paid their dues  in full. Intimation regarding Approval/Non-Approval of the Registration would however  be  given to all those who had submitted the requests for registration. No reasons would  be assigned for non-acceptance of the requests. In order to ensure credibility and high standard  of the Portal, we would undertake strict scrutiny of the Cos./Agents, and  would permit only selective registrations.

In order to make Search comprehensive, it is important that products and services offered by a Company are listed with due care by the Members. The Portal has 23 Main Categories, and over 550 Sub-Categories presently. Each Sub-Category is a ‘vertical’ by itself. All major sub-systems related to a particular Sub-Category should be listed under that particular Sub-Category. For example, a Company manufacturing engines for helicopters should enlist itself in ‘Main Category-Aerospace’, and ‘Sub-Category:Sub-Systems for Helicopters’. Similarly, a Company manufacturing hydraulic systems for Dozers should enlist itself in ‘Main Category-Earth & Engg Eqpt’, ‘Sub-Category-Dozers’. This would ensure that all ‘verticals’ of a Sub-Category are listed under the respective Sub-Category. ‘Sub-Category -Components and Spares’ should be used for those sub-systems/items only that do not specifically fall under a particular Sub-Category. Also, Products and Services offered by a Company should be listed in the first 40 words of the ‘Brief Profile of the Company’ in the Registration Form to make the Search more user-friendly.

Most of the functions of the Portal are automated. There is very minimum human intervention in its routine operations. All e-mails are auto-generated. Entries in the Member's Zone would be available for 45 Days. Entries related to Buying/Selling of the 46th day would be deleted by the system automatically. This would, hopefully, also hasten closing maximum orders within this cycle.

All Regulatory/Statutory provisions and responsibilities of contracts would that be of the Buyers, and the Sellers. Portal only acts as an e-Marketplace, and Facilitator.

Materials intended to be show-cased including write-ups for 'Exhibition Gallery', 'What's New', and any Other materials  would be sent to the Webmaster for approval/vetting. He would organise sifting, and display on the Portal after approval from the Members/Clients.

All payments would  be ‘advance/down’ payments by DD/Pay Orders. Cheques will not  be accepted. Companies should immediately send payments on clearance  of their Memberships. Payments should reach the Portal within 15 days of the approval of the Membership, otherwise the Company would  not be shown on the Portal. Payment Terms for the other services would be discussed on case-to-case basis.

Members are requested to  adhere to the scheduled dates of the payments, failing which services to them from the Portal would be terminated. We  would not be held responsible for any losses resulting  due to such an action.

We accepts no liability for wrong information posted on the Portal, or any cheating/deceiving activity indulged by its Members.

All disputes with Us would be within the jurisdiction of Delhi Courts, if not resolved through Arbitrator(s) acceptable to the Parties of the dispute.



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