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Defence Services Purchase & Use Almost Everything Available in the Market

Defence Services purchase & use every conceivable Product & Service – including those of Your Company. In addition to 'Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS)' equipment and MRO products for use by the units and formations, our defence personnel need personal electrical & electronic gadgets, clothing , home furnishings, travel and insurance services. The Medical and Dental Branches, and the Fire and Police Services need special stores and personal equipment. Vehicles need fuel and spare parts as in civil. Defence Bands need musical instruments. A wide need indeed.

There are therefore significant sales opportunities created as a result of the many contracts awarded by HQs of Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Para Military and Others, involving a huge variety of goods and services.

Increasingly, e-Markets will help SMEs / Large Organisations to involve in the Defence Market as part of the Supply Chain, especially for 'uncontrolled' products and services. Selling to Defence and How Best to Access the Defence Market that offers vast array of opportunities to your organisation, is facilitated through our e-Marketplace www.FreeMarketsDefence.com

Dual-Use Products, Services and Technologies are innovatively aggregated by Us in line with the User requirements. It provides cost-effective exchange for civil - military industry for items needed by either of them.

You are invited to Register on our e-Marketplace.


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