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  Journal of Defence Studies: Defence Acquisition and Offsets


'Our defence forces require timely and cost effective acquisition of defence equipment to enable them to meet any challenge to the country's security. The emerging security scenario is very challenging. Nobody can say what will happen in some of our neighbouring areas. India will have to be fully prepared, our armed forces will have to be fully prepared to meet any challenge from any quarter and they must be able to protect every inch of Indian territory' avers the Defence Minister.

Defence equipments are technology intensive involving heavy investments. Moreover, the equipment remains in an inventory for a long time. Acquisition of defence equipment requires expertise in diverse fields from technical to administrative such as military, technology, industry, market research, contract management, project management, administration and policy making. Defence acquisition is, therefore, a time consuming and a cumbersome process

It is therefore essential that we all are conversant with India's Defence Acquisition Process to make it happen expeditiously but correctly.

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1.  http://www.idsa.in/jds/3_1_2009   Defence Offsets, Jan 2009.

2.  http://idsa.in/jds/4_1_2010   Defence Acquisition Special, Jan 2010.

3.  http://idsa.in/jds/4_3_2010   Defence Acquisition and Offsets, Jul 2010.

4.  http://idsa.in/jds/4_4_2010  General Security Topics, Oct 2010.


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